Below are the internship opportunities for Summer 2024

Applications are now closed

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Sierra Nevada Rosy Finch Project

Zavaleta Lab

Variation in predator information across habitats

Forest Fear Lab

Measuring body condition of humpback whales from Antarctica and Monterey Bay using UAS

Friedlaender Lab

How plant ecophysiology shifts under differing fire severities

Pittermann Lab

The effects of competition and purple urchin grazing on the recovery of giant kelp forests

Raimondi-Carr Lab

Modeling historical distribution of alpine breeding birds of Sierra Nevada

Zavaleta Lab

Impact of Steelhead migratory strategy on stream ecosystems

Palkovacs Lab

Species Diversity, Health, and Thermal Physiology of Semi-Aquatic Snakes from Reserves in Santa Cruz to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

Mehta Lab

Squirrel behavior and distribution on the UCSC campus and campus reserve

Ken Norris Center for Natural History

Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Dunkin Lab

Mountain Lion Ecology and Conservation in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Wilmers Lab

Future-Proofing Abalone Aquaculture In A Changing Climate

Kroeker Lab

Exploring Local Natural History through Art+Science

Kenneth Norris Center for Natural History

Physiology of Dry Farm Tomatoes

Pittermann Lab

Stream and Aquatic Systems Monitoring

– Santa Cruz Mountains Reserve

Infectious Disease and Sea Urchin Populations in CA Rocky Reefs

Kilpatrick & Kroeker Labs

Comparative physiology of a Baja California disjunct species, the longjaw mudsucker (Gillichthys mirabilis)

Bernardi Lab

The effect of environmental stress on Hydra reproduction and regeneration