Below are the internship opportunities for summer 2023

Applications are open! See our app info page for more information on how to apply successfully

Sierra Nevada Rosy Finch Project

Zavaleta Lab

Dung Beetles in California’s Central Coast

Philpott Lab

Measuring body condition of humpback whales from Antarctica and Monterey Bay using UAS

Friedlaender Lab

Determinants of the recovery of giant kelp forests

Raimondi-Carr Lab

Dungeness crabs and their competitors in Tomales Bay

Kroeker Lab

Mercury mystery: uncovering variable mercury loading in deep-sea lanternfishes

Fiechter and Lamborg Labs

Squirrel behavior and distribution on the UCSC campus and campus reserve

Ken Norris Center for Natural History

Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Dunkin Lab

Mountain Lion Ecology and Conservation in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Wilmers Lab

An Illustrated Guide to the Rare Insects of Santa Cruz County

Kenneth Norris Center for Natural History

DNA-based Biodiversity of Streams


The effects of multiple environmental stressors on purple sea urchin grazing rates

Kroeker Lab

Juvenile elephant seal diet from stable isotope analysis of whiskers

Beltran Lab

Predator-Prey Dynamics of Sacramento River Delta Snakes

Mehta Lab

Forest Restoration Monitoring

UCSC Natural Reserves