Mentor and lab: Chris Lay Ken Norris Center for Natural History

Positions: 2 interns

Tentative dates: Mid June through Mid August 2024

Project Location: Ken Norris Center on Main Campus and select natural areas on campus and in the Santa Cruz area

Project Background: Norris Center CAMINO Art+Science scholars will work creatively and collaboratively with Norris Center staff to develop a project focused on local UCSC and Santa Cruz natural history. Applicants will be encouraged to use the specimen collections at the Norris Center, and engage their own interests in natural history and skills in art while working together with Norris Center staff to develop the project. Examples might include: creating new exhibits to be shown in the Norris Center, painting a mural outside the Norris Center, designing an illustrated poster or wall calendar using specimens in the Norris Center collection, etc. Applicants must include their own preliminary ideas for projects they would be interested in working on in their application.

Intern duties: Each Norris Center Art+Science scholar will design and complete their project over the duration of the summer internship. This will include: meeting with Norris Center staff to devise a project, background research on relevant topics, learning about Norris Center collections relevant to the project, creating drafts and final artwork associated with the project, creating drafts and final layout of any text associated with the project, developing and giving a presentation to be given at the Fall CAMINO symposium.

Intern qualifications: Experience in natural history illustration or other similar art skills; background in general ecology and natural history; knowledge about local native flora and fauna.

Do you recommend the intern(s) volunteer in your lab during Spring quarter? It might be nice to have a few meetings in spring, but it’s not necessary.
Applicants will be asked to submit samples of their art work.