Mission and Goals

The Center to Advance Mentored, Inquiry-Based Opportunities (CAMINO) is an inclusive community that aims to propel excellence by diverse undergraduates in ecology and conservation.

Camino Program UCSC

1. Support UCSC students from the first day of class to graduation and beyond by linking them with resources that prepare them for careers or graduate school in ecology and conservation

2. Provide diverse, and well-trained peer, graduate student and faculty mentors

3. Connect motivated and capable student researchers with funded research and field-based opportunities

4. Sustain a supportive, inclusive community for students interested in field-based and research opportunities at UCSC


Erika Zavaleta
Erika Zavaleta

Faculty Director
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

Erika Zavaleta
Judy Straub

Program Advisor & Graduate Student Coordinator
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

Erika Zavaleta
Miranda Allen

Associate Director Experiential Leadership Program
UC Santa Cruz

Erika Zavaleta
Roxanne Beltran

Associate Professor
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz Land Acknowledgement

The land from which we base our work is the unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe. The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, comprised of the descendants of indigenous people taken to missions Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista during Spanish colonization of the Central Coast, is today working hard to restore traditional stewardship practices on these lands and heal from historical trauma.