Hello! My name is Isobel Moore, and I am a third year Marine Biology Major. I will be working with the Beltran Lab, studying the isotopes of elephant seal whiskers! I am from Alameda, California, which is adjacent to Oakland. I am not far from home, but being next to the ocean here in Santa Cruz is a huge plus for my major and internships including this one! In hobbies, I love to study all ocean species, make visual and digital art, craft jewelry, and practice yoga. I also love to watch tv shows and movies with my housemates. I chose this internship because one of my goals is to work with marine mammals in rehabilitation, as well as doing overall new marine research, so working with seal whiskers is a huge step towards that. I also wanted to learn something new, and lab work, especially working with isotopes, will be very new to me. A final fun fact about me is that I did a research project examining the behavior and niche preference of Sea Cucumbers!