Hello, my name is Jorge Gomez Ortega and I’m a third year Biomolecular Engineering student. I will be working with Suzanne Lipton on the Dung Beetles, Soil Microbes and Carbon Sequestration in Pasturelands project this summer. I would love to explore the role of the microbiome and its interactions with the macrobiome to create a fuller, molecular understanding of ecosystems.

I am very interested in Plant/Fungal Genetic Engineering, Agroecology, and Genome Sequencing. In my free time I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, both at the UCSC Grappling Club and Garth Taylor Jiu Jitsu. While I very happily live in Santa Cruz right now, I am originally from Modesto, CA.

See my poster for the 2022 EEB Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium