The Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium, an annual symposium hosted by CAMINO and the EEB department at UCSC, is an event that to look forward to. This is the time of year when CAMINO scientists present the research that they’ve done the past summer either in a lightning talk or in a scientific poster (or both!). This year, the lecture hall was packed as CAMINO students presented on a wide array of topics, from urchin disease to ground squirrel behavior, herpetofauna surveys to alpine ecosystems and more.

After listening to talks, attendees entered the halls to snack on cookies and read the scientific posters that lined the hallways. The excitement in the air was electric! If you weren’t able to make it, this year that’s okay. You can come next year! For now, you can learn more about the presenters’ summer research, hop over to the scholars page to see what each CAMINO scientist studied over the summer and presented on during the symposium.