Mentor & Lab:  CALeDNA Lab

Positions: 1 intern

Tentative dates: June-August

Project Location: Coastal Science Campus (Coastal Biology Building)

Project Background: Work on molecular ecology analysis and molecular bioinventory of rivers and streams! We will be doing fieldwork, wet bench lab work such as invertebrate ID, DNA extraction, PCR, and DNA library preparation. The project hypotheses will be co-developed by the intern, the lab members and PIs. We have a variety of projects with CALeDNA, the Sierra Streams Institute, and with the California Institute for Biodiversity that the CAMINO intern may be placed in.

Intern duties: Interns will do molecular lab work, field work, data analysis on the computer using R and Linux command line

Intern qualifications: Course work in Molecular Ecology, Ecology, and/or Genetics is a big plus!

Do you recommend the intern(s) volunteer in your lab during Spring quarter?
Not a requirement, but it’s always good to get some training and get to know one another before the internship!

UC Santa Cruz Land Acknowledgement

The land from which we base our work is the unceded territory of the Awaswas-speaking Uypi Tribe. The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, comprised of the descendants of indigenous people taken to missions Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista during Spanish colonization of the Central Coast, is today working hard to restore traditional stewardship practices on these lands and heal from historical trauma.