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These websites provide opportunities and resources to students looking to dive into field-based research:

Bryan Dewsbury Convocation
Sponsored by CITL
Watch video here.
UCSC Scientific Diving Program

Steps to become certified in Scientific Diving at UCSC

Ecolog List Serve

A free list serve that sends you daily emails about jobs, internships, classes & graduate school programs

Volunteer Opportunities at UCSC

Opportunities to network & connect

Pop Bio UCSC

Friday seminar series held at UCSC

UCSC Orientation Office

Orientation and new student resources

ESA Seeds Website

Field trip opportunities, A 2 year fellowship & conference scholarship

NSF REU Website

Numerous paid summer opportunities. Applications typically due early December

EEB Undergraduate Advisor

List of field courses, access to undergraduates & undergraduate resources

Stem Diversity Programs

Access To resources for diverse students

Doris Duke Consservation Scholars Program

UCSC’s very own 2 year fellowship for undergraduate researchers

Educational Opportunity Program

EOP’s mission is to provide support of first-generation, low-income & educationally disadvantaged students

University of California

Graduate Students at UC